Find Your Path 12"x 16"

Crescendo 13"x 24"

Summertime 12"x 16"

Summer Glow 17"x 26"

Rock and Roll 9"x 16" SOLD

Dune Walk 12"x 16"

Sunset on the Vineyard 12"x 26" SOLD

Down the Shore 9"x 16" SOLD

On the Hook 12"x 16"

Let's Boogie! 20" x 26"

Water's Edge 8"x 12" SOLD

Crescent Beach Surf 5"x 7" SOLD

Harbor Light 12"x 16" SOLD

Breakers 12"x 16" SOLD

Sun and Spray 10"x 18" SOLD

Summer Blues 12"x 16" SOLD

Marina Sunset 14"x 25" SOLD

North Lighthouse, BI 9"x 12" SOLD

Corn Neck Road 22"x 18" SOLD

Cuttyhunk 18"x 24" SOLD

Close Haul 10"x10" SOLD

Hook Mountain Regatta 18"x 24" SOLD